About Us

Welcome to Cairo Nights, a shisha lounge and café with locations in Wolverton, Milton Keynes and Buckingham. At Cairo Nights we don’t just believe in fresh ingredients, incredible customer service, and fine quality shisha – we believe in creating an ambiance for our patrons that is unparalleled in the local area and beyond. We have carefully crafted both of our establishments to ensure they provide the most tranquil, relaxing, and traditional environment possible, essentially transporting our patrons into an Arabian paradise without having to leave the county. We cater to all the senses – sight, smell, sound, touch, and most importantly taste, in order for our environment to be truly evocative of the shisha lounges of old Cairo.

Modern Life Meets Traditional Culture

The secret to our success is our unique blend of traditional Arabic culture in a contemporary location. We offer our patrons food, drink, and smoothies made from the freshest ingredients, and we boast incredible choice when it comes to our supreme quality shisha. We house all manner of exotic flavours for you to choose from, and our staff are highly skilled and passionate about our service, and are always more than happy to offer you friendly help and advice when it comes to choosing flavours and making the most of your experience.

Peace, Tranquillity, Relaxation

We’re not just a café, we also serve as a function room so if you’re planning a party, event, celebration, or business meeting then feel free to make our ambient surroundings your perfect location. We provide both non-alcoholic beverages and our fresh fruit smoothies are famous throughout Wolverton, Buckingham and beyond.

If you would like to speak to a member of our team about booking our venue or a table then simply call Cairo Nights on 07766 080502.

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